I will work for   you to sell your home and here is what you can expect:

  1. Swift action and marketing to ensure your property is sold in less than 12 weeks
  2. Reliable timely service Monday to Sunday 9am to 9 pm including call backs within 3 hours when unable to answer your call.
  3. A professional who believes the process is to be one of teamwork, loyalty, shared ideas, thoughts and results. I will do my very best to ensure you are listened to and your communications are responded to and/or acted upon.
  4. Your property will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) promptly. All required information will be delivered to the MLS department of the relevant Real Estate Board within 24 hours. Over 70% of buyers are introduced to the property they purchase via the MLS.
  5. Your property will be listed on within 48 hours of the property being listed on MLS. The opportunity to include up to 10 pictures is available and will be utilized when possible.
  6. Images of your property and its key features taken right away. I always place the maximum pictures on MLS for every property.**
  7. Multiple page color flyers placed inside the home for buyers to retain after their viewing, keeping your home in the forefront of the buyer's mind long after the viewing.
  8. A For Sale sign positioned ideally for maximum exposure.
  9. Your property listed on this website, which includes: all photos, loadable printable feature sheet, a mortgage calculator preloaded with the data for your home, the ability to email the property information to others, and an online form to book a viewing.
  10. Your property will be advertised on & These two websites generate a surprising amount of interest in homes for sale. See an example of the advertising here,
  11. Open House. Up to 4 Open Houses each 2-3 hours in duration. This is at your discretion, some prefer not to have Open Houses for security or privacy concerns.
  12. Showing Feedback™, an online service that provides a complete system to track showings, gather feedback from agents and buyers from these showings, communicate this information to the seller clients and report marketing activities on your property.
  13. A recognized and competitive brand which is amongst the market share leaders through out Ontario.
  14. Place a lockbox on your property to allow seamless access to Realtors showing your home to buyers increasing showings and reducing time to sell. A lockbox is a secured device which only licensed realtors can access.

I am confident in my ability to serve and guide you in accomplishing your goal of selling your home.  Feel free to refer back to this page during our relationship and bring forward any feedback if you feel I am underachieving with any of these items. Price has a significant impact on the time frame it will take a particular property to sell. I will work with you to determine a competitive price that will meet your financial and time frame goals.