I recognize that my clients are very busy people who may or may not be familiar with the regulations and the ‘ins and outs’ of being a Landlord. My full service program gives you peace of mind that your investment property is being well taken care of by a right real estate professional who knows all about protecting your investment and your rental income.


8 Easy Steps to Success

  1. I will prepare the property for your tenants: I will meet you at the property in order to assess the current condition, and advise you of necessary improvements that will allow you to maximize your income
  2. Data will be compiled to help you determine the ultimate rental value for your property. A detailed analysis of properties similar to yours will provide information about market rents at the time, allowing you to gauge the value of your rental unit, resulting in a quick turnaround, leasing it out quickly and for top dollar.
  3. My marketing will include traditional media as well as social media and will be targeted to your ideal renter pool. You will receive an outline of our marketing plan that is geared to your property.
  4. Once the marketing has begun, all inquiries will be followed up in a timely manner, and all applicants will be screened properly. Credit checks, verification of employment and income, reference checks and past landlord information will be part of the screening process, allowing me to find the very best candidate for you.
  5. My iron clad lease has been drawn up by a specialty lawyer and will help to ensure a smooth tenancy, with specifics to condominiums and freeholds.
  6. I will ensure that the rent is collected and banking is carried out in the most efficient manner.
  7. It is important to inspect the property regularly and with absentee owners this can be difficult for the Landlord to achieve. My services include regular inspections of the property inside and out, to ensure that your investment is secure.
  8. Since I’m a full service real estate professional I can also help you find more investment properties, sell your current inventory, and advise of the resale real estate market trends in your area.
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